Craig Hostland

Pillar to Post and Healthy Homes IAQ

As a full time Professional Home and Indoor Air Quality Inspection organization, we meet the Professional Standards set out by law and industry. We are aware that the ?unknown? is a concern for any home purchaser as well as those concerns or environmental issues they will have.? This is the reason that Professional Home and Indoor Environmental Inspections have become a common event.

Our purpose, as Professional Inspectors, is to fairly and accurately report on the condition of the home.? We do not feel compelled?to find problems?to justify our existence; if there are no deficiencies we report that there are none. ?We strive to keep our findings in perspective for our clients.? If a recommendation we make is typical for homes of that age, or for homes in the area, our client will be informed in that?manner. Our?inspection results are recorded and provided at the time of the inspection, in the?Pillar To Post??Inspection Report that comprises over 300 categories and more than 1600 specific items.

As we consider our inspection service a lifecycle program, our clients not only receive the condition of the property at the time of inspection, they also receive a list of recommended improvements and maintenance and preventative maintenance suggestions to undertake that may add to the enjoyment and eventual value to the home. I clients also receive a filing system to help track repairs and to prepare for resale ? beginning with the end in mind helps us to direct issues towards an easier resale.

Your?Pillar To Post??and Health Home IAQ inspection Team,
Craig Hostland?????? Registered (RHI), Certified and Licensed Home Inspector (license # 47075) Certified Indoor Environment Consultant, Professional Engineer Owner/ Manager

David Kilby?Registered (RHI), Certified, and Licensed Home Inspector? License # 47373

John Bannister?Registered Home Inspector (RHI) License # 52933