Lise Dallien MacMillan

Orthoquest Pedorthics and Rehabilitation / Kelowna Kinesiology

Lise is the COO of Orthoquest Pedorthics and Rehabilitation and Kelowna Kinesiology. Orthoquest and Kelowna Kinesiology are sister companies that help people move well, be well. Lise is a Practising Kinesiologist (graduating from Dalhousie University) and Canadian Certified Pedorthist. She grew up in Nova Scotia and has always had a passion for an active lifestyle. Lise’s career began in the fitness industry helping people achieve their fitness goals. She discovered that helping her clients recover from injuries or resolve pain was tremendously rewarding.

Lise has experience working in Pedorthic Clinics as well as being a self employed contractor in both the fitness and Pedorhtic industries. She has experience working with dynamic teams of health care practitioners such as orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, medical doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, orthotists and osteopaths.

Orthoquest is comprised of a team of Kinesiologists and Pedorthists who help people recover from injury and keep people active. Orthoquest’s Pedorthists who assess gait, design and manufacture custom foot orthotics are some of the few who still make orthotics by hand. Orthoquest retail store offers over 15 brands of comfortable orthotic friendly footwear that are fit by Orthoquest Therapists. The knowledgeable team are also orthopedic brace fitters. Sister company Kelowna Kinesiology by Orthoquest provides exercise therapy by experienced Kinesiologists. The type of clients seen at Kelowna Kinesiology often have been involved in motor vehicle accidents, are recovering from orthopedic surgery or are dealing with a chronic injury that requires movement re-training.

At Orthoquest and Kelowna Kinesiology the mission is to keep people active and doing what they enjoy. Find our more about our products, events, workshops and classes at