Rocky Taetz

Senior Managing DirectorCanada Loyal Financial & DeThomas Financial

My main goal is to Educate families on Finance & strategies for Wealth Creation.
Most Canadians, (no matter their net worth), have not been given the courtesy of time and education. Many investors are treated as ?just a number?. Often they are paying high fees? are not being shown all their options? and are not being given the service they deserve.
Yet there are many wealth-building strategies & ideas that are available? but often, Canadians have never been shown.

So whether it?s tips on saving money? or investment advice/options? 2nd opinions on current investments? ideas to help pay less tax? or avoid fees? Retirement planning? or Estate Transfer planning? Mortgage strategies to pay off homes faster? Insurance needs? Ways for retirees to get more government benefits? or whatever?
I help Canadians make wiser, more educated decisions, to help them get ahead financially and gain greater wealth for their futures.
And I offer this all as a free service for a limited # of families and business owners.

Not getting the service you deserve??

Unhappy with your current investments??

Tired of paying high fees??

In need of financial counsel??

Never had a personal Retirement Plan built for you??

Tired of being ?just a number???

Not sure if you are going to Retire on Time??

Already retired and afraid you will ?outlive? your $ ?

Feel free to contact me for a free consultation. I serve families all over Canada, so don?t let your location hinder you from calling.



List of Services available?

Financial Counsel / Advise / Education , Wealth strategies , Tax saving strategies , Investment advice & 2nd Opinions, Retirement planning , Estate & Wealth transfer strategies , Charitable Giving strategies , Personal Financial plans RSP?s , GIC?s , RESP?s , TFSA?s , RDSP?s , GDA?s , GIO?s , GMWBs , Mutual funds , Segregated funds , ETF?s Life Insurance , Health & Dental , Travel insurance , Critical illness , Disability Insurance , Annuities , HISA?s Mortgage Education & Alternatives , Debt Consolidation , alternatives to Bankruptcy , etc.

Business owners?
Group Health Benefit Plans , Group RSPs , Payroll RSP?s , Employee Pension Plans , PHSPs, PRPPs , Corporate Savings Accts, Corporate Investments , Corporate Insurance (Buy Sell, Key Man, Business Overhead, etc.) , Corporate CI / DI, Employee retirement planning , Employee financial education , Office Equipment & Fleet Leasing